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Great Language School, which is located in a safe and quiet area of Taichung city, has been providing a top level and well recognized learning facility since 1988.

Enrolling students aged from 8 to 18 are all taught to communicate naturally in a well structured and supportive environment.   We usually decipher and place our students into one of three different groups, elementary, junior high and senior high.

Our elementary students are evaluated and placed into one of twelve levels.  Each level is taught with precise teaching techniques which in granted has given us the great assistance towards our well known success rate over the past years.

Our junior high school students are offered both our prestige conversational and grammar classes.  We try to achieve each student to speak efficiently and write adequately just as if they were to travel abroad to an English speaking country.

Our high school students are taught by our strategic teachers who in turn prepare our students simultaneously with the advanced level to prepare our students for all major entry exams such as university or oversea applications.

In general, Great Language provides a high quality of interactive learning skills with small classes taught by professional teachers who only focus on five basic skills: Listening, speaking, reading, writing and most of all, having fun. All of our teachers use a wide range of teaching techniques along with specialized textbooks to meet the maximum objectives when learning English.  To further the experience of making English fun and memorable, we also provide entertaining and quick learning materials such as songs, movies, comic books and magazines.

Great Language only recruits the best of the best native speaking teachers who possess TESOL certificates and university degrees from Canada, the United States of America or the United Kingdom.   We also make sure that each teacher meets our expectations by providing us the upbeat and outgoing personalities that Great Language has been prominently recognized for the past 24 years.

To ensure the best quality of learning, our class sizes are kept small so that each student can receive the maximum attention thus bringing a strong relationship that is built between the teacher and the student.

Great Language has always taken a lot of pride and care when teaching a student.  We not only care about our student’s learning experience, we also care about making the experience fun and memorable.

Feel free to come and visit us.  We will welcome you with a GREAT smile.  We as a GREAT English school guarantee that you will be satisfied beyond your expectations.  Come and see for yourself.

Sincerely Yours,

Yvonne Yeh
Director and founder of Great Language School.